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Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

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Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Cheese

A traditional Red Leicester cheese made from the milk of our own cows, a true revival of a fabulous cheese, nutty, sweet with a citrus finish. Cloth bound and matured for 6 months on beech shelves.

Bosworth Field

Made on the farm with unpasteurised milk. A mould ripened cheese, semi-soft with a white crumbly centre getting softer towards the grey mould.

Battlefield Blue

A new unpasteurised blue cheese. I always wanted a cheese with this name, named after the Battle of Bosworth which took place on part of the farm.The cheese is a soft blue veined cheese with a fabulous green, grey rind, sweet and delicately balanced in flavour.

Weight 200g.

Sparkenhoe Vintage

A truly wow cheese with a completely unique taste. It is matured for 18 months by which time the salt crystals have started to re- form. The caramel flavours are more exaggerated and the overall flavour is strong without being acidic.

Colston Bassett

The king of the stiltons! Made in the beautiful village of Colston Bassett, the cheese is very creamy and has a 'warm blue flavour' with no bitterness on the finish.

Old Winchester

A wonderful hard cheddar with fruity flavours, makes a superb substitute for Parmesan!
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