Christmas opening times: 9am – 2.30pm

 Every Friday and Saturday throughout December

Plus -December- Thursday 20th ,Sunday 23rd  & Monday 24th. December 28th and 29th.


An old brick and tile Wagon Hovel situated at the farm has been beautifully renovated and the barn conversion is now completed with a new Cheese Shop and Tea Room open every Friday and Saturday morning from 9am until 2.30pm.

We stock a selection of British artisan cheese made by ourselves and fellow cheese makers.

Our range of cheeses has increased and includes Innes Goat’s Cheese, Rachel’s Goat’s Cheese, Baron Bigod Brie and more.

We have a fabulous range of locally made chutneys produced by ‘Karen in a Jam’, and sell our own raw, unpasteurised milk fresh from our dairy cows.


Raw Milk

Due to the health benefits and the increased demand for raw milk we are now in a position to be able to sell raw milk direct to the consumer. We have had our milk tested and the quality is excellent! But we knew that anyway!

Few people are aware that raw milk obtained from grass-fed cows is a totally complete and balanced food that, if needed, you could live on exclusively.

Some people that have been diagnosed as having dairy intolerance are not intolerant to raw milk as it is a balanced product and they are actually allergic to the milk after pasteurisation, but not to the natural milk!

The cow is a truly amazing animal and the milk she provides will benefit your health in numerous ways:

  • Raw cow’s milk has all 20 of the standard amino acids.
  • Raw milk contains lactoferrin, which is an iron-binding protein for improved absorption of iron and also anti-cancer properties.
  • Contains CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated omega 6 fatty acid which has many health benefits such as raising the metabolic rate, strengthening the immune system and lowering food allergy reactions.
  • Contains vitamins and minerals including calcium which has many benefits in itself including  lower risk of osteoporosis, higher bone mineral density and strong teeth.
  • Sixty-plus fully intact and functional enzymes.
  • Contains beneficial bacteria.

Our milk is sold in 2 litre bottles.


A traditional Red Leicester cheese made from the unpasteurised milk of our own cows, a true revival of a fabulous cheese, nutty, sweet with a citrus finish. Cloth bound and matured for 6 months on beech shelves.

Bosworth Field

Made on the farm with unpasteurised milk. A mould ripened cheese, semi-soft with a white crumbly centre getting softer towards the grey mould.

Battlefield Blue

A new unpasteurised blue cheese. We always wanted a cheese with this name, named after the Battle of Bosworth which took place on part of the farm.The cheese is a soft blue veined cheese with a fabulous green, grey rind, sweet and delicately balanced in flavour.

Old Winchester

A wonderful hard cheddar with fruity flavours, makes a superb substitute for Parmesan!

Lincolnshire Poacher

A great cheddar style cheese with a strong flavour.

Cheese Wedding Cakes

Sparkenhoe Leicester Cheese makes a great base for a cheese wedding cake. We can also supply you with the other cheese you need to make a truly awesome cake.

If there are other cheeses you would like us to stock please let us know and we can try and get them.

Also if you cannot get to the shop please e-mail or telephone and we can send the cheese or get it ready for you to collect at a more convenient time.